Shelford Rugby Club is dedicated to improving the delivery of rugby both for its members and the wider rugby community. As such, we host a number of coaching clinics and CPDs throughout the year, all with the aim of developing the skill sets of local coaches.

The clinics and CPDs are delivered both by Shelford Rugby Club’s experienced coaching team and external practitioners and experts from various environments within the rugby and sports industries.

Whether you’re a teacher tasked with delivering rugby in schools, a coach from a nearby club or a parent who is simply looking to help their child’s development, you’re welcome to come to our Coaching Clinics & CPDs.

If you or someone you know would benefit from our Coaching Clinics & CPDs, or if you’re a professional practitioner who would like to collaborate with Shelford Rugby Club on delivering this programme, please contact us using the details below:

Phone: 01223 843357