Relay Marathon Fundraiser

The first leg runners enjoying themselves as they get close to the handover point

On Saturday 26th September members of Shelford Rugby Club competed in a relay marathon, running a circuit that took them through various villages around the outskirts of Cambridge. It was a truly great day in which members from all different sections of the club came together all in the name of helping the club.

A total of 30 runners and 15 volunteers turned up in less-than-pleasant weather conditions to ensure that the event ran smoothly. A huge thank you goes to everyone involved, your hard work and dedication has helped to raise a substantial proportion of the all-important funds needed to build a community outdoor exercise area and provide the necessary provisions to our NHS.

Great to have 1st XV player Harry Rogerson leading some of our colts in the second leg
Members of our Senior Men’s & Women’s teams ran in the third leg

It’s not too late to support the runners for their hard work, you can do so by donating. CLICK HERE to visit the Go Fund me page.

The fourth leg runners really picked up the pace
A lovely father-daughter moment as Will Cotterill and his daughter crossed the finish line

Special thanks goes to Steve Illingworth who orchestrated the whole event from start to finish, establishing the route, setting up GPS devices to help our runners stay on course, planning appropriate handover points and arranging for appropriate parking facilities for our volunteer driving squad.

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