Shelford supporting Rugby Academy Fiji

Under the guidance of Coach Solo Baleisolomone, Shelford Rugby Club has donated a large amount of kit to the Rugby Academy Fiji charity. The kit includes second-hand playing equipment such as balls, cones and bibs, player attire like rugby shorts and playing shirts as well as medical provisions such as crutches and fracture boots.

The Rugby Academy Fiji was founded by ex-international Fijian player and former teammate of Solo, Seremaia Bai with the intention of supporting youngsters from some of Fiji’s poorest and most remote areas to ensure that rugby is accessible to them and that they get the opportunity to develop into adult players.

For a country made up of 333 islands, access to Rugby is limited in Fiji, with 75% of players coming from its two largest islands. This means that there are 331 islands where rugby just isn’t easily accessible. So what Rugby Academy Fiji is doing is bringing rugby to those who would otherwise not have the opportunity to participate.

Solo commented on how big of an impact Shelford’s donation will make.
“What Shelford is doing is hugely important. Not just because they’re supplying the physical kit to help young rugby players from the remote areas of Fiji but because their support gives the members of Rugby Academy Fiji a sense of recognition and motivation. Knowing that there’s someone out there from the other side of the world that’s paying an interest in them can really lift their spirits and give them a reason to keep going”.

We’re delighted to have been able to support Rugby Academy Fiji and we’ll certainly look to continue this partnership moving forward.

To find out more about the Rugby Academy Fiji, use these links to view their social media; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram

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